Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association of Canada
Edmonton Branch
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  1. To foster, promote, maintain and perpetuate in the national life of Canada the finest spiritual and cultural elements and traditions of the Ukrainian people.
  2. To develop and maintain in its members profound pride, love and respect for their Ukrainian heritage, and to promote their instruction in history and geography of Ukraine, and of its literature, music, language, arts and crafts, traditions and customs as distinctive attributes of their identity.
  3. To establish, maintain, and finance libraries, museums, institutions of learning; sponsor educational programs and disseminate Ukrainian literature.
  4. To assist and contribute to the continued and expansion of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.
  5. To promote within the Ukrainian community in Canada an attitude of excellence in Canadian citizenship; to cultivate among its members a deep abiding understanding of and respect for parliamentary institutions and the rule of law and the obligation to respect the rights of others as is inherent in present practice in Canada.
  6. To encourage its members to take an active interest in the community in which they live and to provide leadership in correcting of wrongs and social injustices, combating social, political and religious prejudices and intolerances.
  7. To encourage its members by precept and example to lead lives based on the principles of self-respect, self-reliance and resourcefulness, and to guide their lives by the highest moral and ethical standards.
  8. To afford to its members the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences and accommodations of an association and to promote good fellowship and brotherhood among its members.